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tv   Washington Journal Toby Harnden Previews Prime Minister Theresa May  CSPAN  January 27, 2017 8:42am-8:49am EST

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after the other. you see a woman walking down the street taking a kid to school with four others trailing behind her. i don't think the government was meant to keep people. host: ok. another news this week in the house of congress, labor party leader jeremy corbyn spoke about concerns the prime minister has about today's meeting between president donald trump and theresa may, who is in d.c. let's take a look at what he said. [video clip] many have concerns, mr. speaker, then in her meeting with president trump, she will be prepared to offer up for sacrifice the opportunity of american company to come in and take over parts of our nhs, all of our public services. moshe assure the house that any
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trade tools, none of those things will be offered up as a bargaining chip? joining us by phone to talk more about prime minister theresa may's visit is toby harnden, the washington bureau chief for the sunday times and the u.k. thank you so much for joining us today. guest: hi, kimberly. good to be with you. host: what can we expect from these meetings the president trump and prime minister may? is a doubted moment fortress of may and president trump. anything that president donald trump, we don't know what to expect. we are giving a joint press conference. they will be speaking side-by-side. but for theresa may, she gave a speech yesterday in which in wasadelphia -- in which she
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at the philadelphia retreat, and was the first -- linked toy closely donald trump and the dismay of moderate opinion in britain. she has taken the decision that is in line with long-standing british to be as close as possible to the american president. she talks about a new era of renewal held it by trump's victory. and she described her sub as a fellow conservative to republicans. he talks about not having -- she talks about not having overseas ventures. and she makes it clear comparison to the bush-cap relationship. she's the margaret thatcher to trump's ronald reagan.
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there are areas of difference. she spoke yesterday about the united nations being vital. she said that we should be aware of russia, so she is much more skeptical of russia than donald trump is. aboutcould stop talking -- trump could stop talking about who knows what? torture is a very touchy subject for britain, and something said if the u.s. is going to reintroduce that, beccah: to question intelligence if the uses -- said is going to be introduced that, that could call into question. plan,he stick to her which is to be as close as possible to donald trump?
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or did she air a difference? host: in your publication, it says prime minister may may come under pressure to confront donald trump on the issue of torture. it says a new american president has ordered a review of controversial detention practices, and told her broadcaster yesterday that torture absolutely works. the u.s. should fight fire with fire when it takes on terrorist groups. ms. may warned that britain would not condone torture in any way, but eight refused to say whether she would race the issue with mr. trump. what would be the reaction back thiseat britain to discussion, especially on the issue of torture? a sort of rapid hole that theresa may does not want to go down and will avoid if at all possible. his side says he does
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not want to believe in it --his sites if they do not believe in it. theresa may, i would think, would not raise this because it seems to be something which is probably not going to happen. john mccain has said there is the presidentt can say whatever you like, but this is against the law. we have been through this argument, but it is fairly controversial. in general, opposition to the iraq war and issues like torture --in the are in the united states. i doubt that she would try to confront them, and certainly not publicly. -- theresh questions
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will be one about torture. we will see whether she dodges it, or whether she gets sucked into the subject. i think she will try to avoid going there she can. host: what is prime minister may hoping to get out of this trip today? guest: well, obviously the broader context is the brexit voter last july. is thing she really wants agreement over a trade deal, a bilateral trade in between the united states and the united kingdom. , in her speechhe yesterday, a lot of talk about the special relationship, which the anti-american relationship churchill's terms a relationship.


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